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Volume 3, Issue 3December 2010

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This Month's Contributors

Hortensia Amaro, Ph.D.

Frank Bandiera, M.P.H.

Anayansi Lombardero

Ian Mendez, Ph.D.

Kristine Molina, M.S.

Thomas Patterson, Ph.D.

Steffanie Strathdee, Ph.D.

Jorge Villatoro Velazquez, Ph.D.

National Steering Committee

Patricia Molina, M.D., Ph.D., NHSN Chair

Hilda Pantin, Ph.D., NHSN Executive Director

Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, M.D., Ph.D.

Margarita Alegría, Ph.D.

James Anthony, Ph.D.

C. Hendricks Brown, Ph.D.

Richard De La Garza, II, Ph.D.

Diana Martínez, M.D.

Maria Elena Medina-Mora, Ph.D.

Guillermo Prado, Ph.D.

José Szapocznik, Ph.D.

Yonette Thomas, Ph.D.

Avelardo Valdez, Ph.D.

Volume 3, Issue 3

Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Mental Health

By Frank Charlie Bandiera, MPH

"It is well established that cigarette smokers are at greater risk for poor mental health. However, the exact nature of this association is not clear. It is possible that smokers smoke to “self-medicate” or it is possible that cigarette smoking precedes and causes poor mental health; alternatively, a shared predisposition, such as family history, may explain this association." (View Full Article)


Members in the Spotlight

Career Diva: Ten Fatal Flaws of NIH Grant Submissions (and how to avoid them), By Drs. Steffanie Strathdee and Thomas Patterson


Note from the Editor
Welcome Message from the Editor of El Faro: La Voz de la Red, By Ian Mendez, Ph.D.

"I am proud to present to you the next edition of El Faro: La Voz de la Red. This issue of El Faro will serve as a supplement to the recently held 2010 Annual Conference of the NHSN, titled “Modeling a Transdisciplinary Approach to Current Research Agendas” (View Full Article)


Nuestra Voz - First Person Column
By Hortensia Amaro

"What is a life well-lived? Libraries (and the internet) are filled with reflections of this type and in preliterate times, I have no doubt, humans also reflected on this. As informative as the reflections of others are on this topic, this is a question that we each have to answer for ourselves. And our answer to this question, as I have learned, changes over the course of each life." (View Full Article)


The International Front
Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption Associated Factors in High School and College Students, By Jorge Villatoro Velazquez, Ph.D.

"Research in our lab has found at least two different profiles of alcoholic women. That conclusion was reached after I reviewed the results of my research and compared differences between male and female alcoholism." (View Full Article)


Interdisciplinary Research Training Institute Corner
by Evelio Escamilla

"While drug abuse in the U.S. continues to have a disproportionate impact on ethnic minorities, particularly Hispanics, the number of researchers studying the problem remains relatively small. Moreover, few training and research centers exist that focus on current drug abuse issues among Hispanic populations. The need to prepare the next generation of drug researchers in this field is acute." (View Full Article)


New Member Interviews
Check out our interview with one of our new members, Anayansi Lombardero, and Kristine Molina.

(View Full Article)


Letters of the Day
This section contains a list of recommended scientific and news related websites, online journals, blogs, and search engines that may be useful to our membership.

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