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Richard De La Garza, II, Ph.D.

Baylor College of Medicine
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Alice Cepeda, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
University of Southern California
1149 S. Hill Street, Suite 360
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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Betsy Giaimo
Department of Physiology
LSUHSC, New Orleans, LA 70112
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Our Members


Currently, the NHSN has over 500 members across the United States and abroad.

The membership categories include:

  • Research Scientists
  • Graduate Students
  • International Research Scientists
  • Research Partners
  • Emeritus Members

Membership Dues

The National Hispanic Science Network (NHSN) has recently focused its efforts to develop plans for sustainability due to current funding climate affecting support available through the National Institutes of Health for its activities. Effective 2013, membership fees will be instituted as follows:

  • Research Scientist Members (Membership Fee: $100)
  • Graduate Student Members (Membership Fee: $50)

NHSN membership will ensure your continued access to the strongest scientific network of scientists, mentors, and collaborators with the common interest. It will provide discounted registration fees at the annual conference and eligibility for travel award requests. Please feel free to contact Betsy Giaimo at should you have any questions regarding the membership criteria and fees.

Membership dues should be paid as follows:
1. Please go to this site:
2. Click on "How to Give"
3. Click on "Give Online"
4. On the secondary screen below where the amount is entered, there is a box called "Designation". In that drop down list, there’s a fund "NHSN Membership" that you should select. This will direct the registration fee to fund 622016. Be sure to identify whom the fee is for although this says a donation. We will be able to send a receipt following confirmation identifying it as membership dues payment.
5. Please send an email with a copy of the donation notification to Betsy Giaimo at once you have completed this process. This will allow the NHSN to check and verify your membership dues have made it to the correct fund.

Updating a Personal Member Page

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