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Massachusetts General Hospital
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Center for Addiction Medicine
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Boston, MA 02114
United States of America

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Gladys Pachas, MD

Gladys Pachas, MD

“The truth is not always the same as the majority decision.” Pope John Paul II


M.D. Medical School, San Martin de Porres University, Lima, Peru

Research Statement

My work focuses on psychophysiology and psychopharmacology research as well as the development of evidence-based clinical strategies and behavioral treatment to create new models of care and novel treatments for drug abuse and dependence, with emphases on nicotine addiction, smoking cessation, and... Read more

About Me

I am a physician with interests in behavioral treatments of alcohol, nicotine, and cocaine dependence, development of new evidence-based clinical strategies to create new models of care and novel treatment for drug abuse and dependence, with emphasis on nicotine addiction, smoking cessation and... Read more

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Recent Publications

Pachas, GN. (2008). Understanding Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse. The Psychiatry Report. Spring

Mashhoon, Y, Janes, AC, Jensen, JE, Prescot, AP, Pachas, GN, Renshaw, PF, Fava, M, Evins, AE, Kaufman, MJ. Anterior cingulate proton spectroscopy glutamate levels differ as a function of smoking cessation outcome. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Short communication. In Press

Evins, AE, Pachas, GN, Mischoulon, D, Urbanoski, K, Carlini, S, Sousa, J, Bentley, K, Nino-Gomez, J, Loebl, T , Janes, AC, Kaufman, MJ, Fava, M, A Double-Blind, Placebo- Controlled Trial of the NMDA Glycine Site Antagonist, GW468816, for Prevention of Relapse to Smoking in Females. Submitted to Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

Pachas, GN, Cather, C, Pratt, SA, Hoeppner, B, Nino-Gomez, J, Carlini, S, Achytes, E, Lando, H, Rigotti, NA, Goff, DC, Evins, AE. Varenicline for Smoking Cessation in Schizophrenia: Safety Results from a 12-Week Open Label Trial. Submitted to Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.


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